Nucliflare Digital Pulse Processor for gamma-ray spectroscopy

Hardware platform and software


The hardware platform includes everything from signal acquisition to digital signal processing and data analysis required for turnkey solutions in a single device. It allows you to quickly implement a complete measurement system, perform comprehensive measurements, and analyze data in real-time. Thanks to our platform, you will gain immediate access to the entire set of programmable tools for the digital analysis of signals from nuclear radiation detectors. It combines the signal processing power of FPGA with intuitive software to give users access to all the instruments they need on one platform at a fraction of the cost of standard solutions.


A wide spectrum of nuclear applications

Real-time data processing and low measurement dead-time enable you to register up to 50% more events than other solutions.

Automatic data analysis, speed, and precision

The usage of ML algorithms enables the development of cost-optimized detection systems for greater sensitivity and accuracy of automatic isotope detection.


As the creator and producer of the platform, we provide support in
adapting the platform to the individual needs of scientific and business partners


Safety and security:

neutron and gamma radiation detection.

Industry and mining:

Neutron Activation Analysis.

Research and development:

automatic data analysis using ML and AI methods

About company

Founded in 2015 by Stefan Korolczuk, Eastern Wall Technology Sp. z o.o., based in Poland, is a small technology enterprise delivering professional products and expert engineering services in the field of radiation detection. Our staff has longstanding expertise in the fields of radiation detection, software and hardware engineering and algorithms for digital signal processing.

To foster the commercial success of our company, we actively contribute to international research projects in the field of radiation detection. We actively cooperate with the National Center for Nuclear Research and other scientific and research partners located in Poland.


The company is forming a consortium with the National Center for Nuclear Research in Świerk and the Warsaw University of Technology as part of the CentriX project. The aim of the project is to build a service center for industry and science based on non-destructive testing (NDT).


Nuclear Equipment

Development and production of electronic nuclear equipment for the National Center for Nuclear Research.

Joint European Torus (JET)

Service and upgrade of gamma radiation detectors (gamma-camera) for the JET thermonuclear tokamak in Cullhum, Great Britain.




dr inż. Stefan Korolczuk

phone: +48 502 176 550

Head of Product

Andrzej Berezowski

phone: +48 510 973 577

Research and implementation team

Specialist in digital signal processing (Dr. Eng.)

Constructor-programmer, specialist in the design of industrial automation systems (Dr. Eng.)

Specialist in the field of software for highly efficient control, measurement and data processing systems (M.Sc. Eng., Ph.D. student;)

Specialist in nuclear physics and radiation detection systems; (Dr. Eng.)

Electronics designer experienced in designing nuclear equipment for industrial applications (M.Sc. Eng., Ph.D. student;)


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dr Stefan Korolczuk CEO; CTO

phone: +48 502 176 550

Andrzej Berezowski; Head of Product

phone: +48 510 973 577