Digital Pulse Processors

Eastern Wall Technologies offers a wide range of Digital Pulse Processors (DPP) for nuclear spectrometry. High-performance Digital Pulse Processors are optimized for direct pulse sampling and real-time digital signal processing. Only a compatible web browser is needed to start using DPP. Products may be fully customized to fulfill customer's requirements.

Eastern Wall Technologies digital acquisition systems for nuclear spectroscopy are well suited for detectors based on liquid or inorganic scintillators coupled to Photomultipliers (PMT) or Silicon PMT. They can accept high count rate pulses combined with a dead-timeless, real-time digital pulse processing system. The hardware architecture is based on fast, high linearity ADC for detector signal direct sampling and Zynq or Zynq UltraScale+ System on Chip (SoC) device with programmable logic (FPGA) and ARM Cortex processors for digital signal processing.

Products were designed to fulfill the gap between plug & play products with fixed functionality, general-purpose acquisition systems and dedicated customer requirements for a nuclear tool. Powerful, real-time pulse processing FPGA IP cores, easy to customize Python and C-based backend software and convenient to use JupyterLab web interface make digital pulse processors high productivity Swiss Army Knife for nuclear application. Eastern Wall Technology company offers extended services in the development of custom high-level synthesis FPGA IP cores development for nuclear applications.

Eastern Wall Technologies company High-Level Synthesis (HLS) IP cores (C/C++) dedicated to nuclear applications are combined with powerful FPGA architecture to be the ideal solution for high productivity research and development or industry market.

High bandwidth data transfer between FPGA and processor side memory is achieved by using high-speed on-chip links with Direct Memory Access cores. Pulse processors run a customized version of Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution with many applications preinstalled. The user interface is based on Jupyter Notebook web interface and Python programming language. With them, users can exploit the benefits of the high integration measurement process. Real-time Digital Signal Processing, data transfer, storage, post-processing, visualization, and hardware control feedback loop are hosted on the DPP system.

Jupyter Notebook is a browser-based and convenient to use interactive computing environment. Only a commonly used web browser is needed to start using presented hardware or to create advanced data processing tools and algorithms.

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